Marriage in Scotland - Eligibility


The marriageable age is 16. Marriage must be between two otherwise unmarried people. (Foreign divorces are generally recognised, but existing foreign polygamous marriages prevent a marriage in Scotland as this would be treated as bigamy).

Certain relatives are not allowed to marry. Under Scots law, one may not marry one's:

  • ancestor or descendant
  • sibling
  • aunt/uncle or nephew/niece
  • adoptive parent
  • adopted child

Additionally, the following marriages are not allowed except under certain circumstances:

  • former spouse's descendant or ancestor
  • ancestor or descendant's former spouse

The list of proscribed affinities was reduced in the early twentieth century by the Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Act 1907, the Deceased Brother's Widow's Marriage Act 1921 and the Marriage (Prohibited Degrees) Relationship Act 1931.

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