Marquette University Television - Programming/Distribution


MUTV utilizes Public-access television cable TV channel 99 on the Time Warner Cable feed to the Marquette campus. MUTV operates on channel 99 Monday through Thursday, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. mtvU is aired on the channel during off-air hours.

MUTV launched their first Video-on-Demand service in fall of 2003. Shortly after, the project was suspended due to workflow inefficiencies. The service was revived in spring of 2007, taking the form of a UFO-based Flash Video player. In February 2008, MUTV acquired access to one of the University's QuickTime Streaming Servers and thus converted their Video on Demand Service to QuickTime. An on-going initiative to have all MUTV shows available in Video-on-Demand is continued by the Programming/Distribution Department. In 2008, MUTV purchased a Mac Pro to handle the duties of putting content online on the MUTV Website and YouTube.

For sporting events, a live stream of MUTV is available in the All-Access player at

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