Mark Pepys

Sir Mark Brian Pepys FRS was until 2011 Professor of Medicine at University College London and Head of Medicine at the Hampstead Campus and the Royal Free Hospital. He won the GlaxoSmithKline Prize in 2007 "for his excellent work as a clinical scientist who has identified specific proteins as new therapeutic targets and developed novel drugs with potential use in amyloidosis, Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular disease".

Mark Pepys finished his early education at the University of Cambridge, and then qualified as a medical doctor at University College London Medical School. He then returned to Cambridge to do a PhD in Immunology in 1973. In 1999 he became director of the University College London Centre for Amyloidosis and Acute Phase Proteins.

Mark Pepys has recently won the 2008 Ernst Chain Prize for his work on amyloid diseases, established by Imperial College London in recognition of leaders in their fields.

Pepys was knighted in the 2012 New Year Honours for services to biomedicine.

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