Marginal Zone

The marginal zone is the region at the interface between the non-lymphoid red pulp and the lymphoid white-pulp of the spleen. (Some sources consider it to be the part of red pulp which borders on the white pulp, while other sources consider it to be neither red pulp nor white pulp.)

A marginal zone also exists in lymph nodes.

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TBR1 - Tissue and Cellular Distribution
... its inner cells form the cortical plate while its outer cells form the marginal zone ... The cortical plate and the marginal zone eventually develop into six cortical layers, known as the neocortex, present in the mature cerebral cortex ... II-VI develop from the cortical plate and layer I forms from the marginal zone ...
Primitive Streak - Formation - Vg1 and Wnt Signaling
... supports streak-inducing role in the marginal zone ... from posterior to anterior, corresponding to the streak-inducing ability of the marginal zone ... in ectopic streak formation, confirming that the streak-inducing ability of the posterior marginal zone could be attributed to Wnt signaling and that Vg1 and Wnt must cooperate to induce ...
Lymphoblastic Lymphoma
... leukemia/lymphoma) CD5+ naive B cell (CLL/SLL) mantle zone (Mantle cell) CD22+ Prolymphocytic CD11c+ (Hairy cell leukemia) CD79a+ germinal center/follicular B cell (Follicular Burkitt's GCB DLBCL ...
Marginal Zone B-cell
... Marginal zone B cells are noncirculating mature B cells that segregate anatomically into the marginal zone (MZ) of the spleen ... where the tyrosine kinase for Pyk-2 has been knocked-out, marginal zone B-cells will fail to develop while B-1 cells will still be present ...
Marginal Zone - Lymphocytes
... Marginal zone lymphocytes are a type of B cell (Marginal-zone B cell, abbreviated "MZ B cell") created there, capable of binding IgM-antigen complexes ...

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