Margaret Lim - Books By Margaret Lim - Precious Jade and Turnip Head

Precious Jade and Turnip Head

Payah and her best friend, Usun, celebrate Chinese New Year with their classmate, Precious Jade, down in Kampung, China and learn why Precious Jade’s little brother is called Turnip Head.

Four Eyes, a little orphan Penan boy, whom Payah had befriended, and is now in the care of Payah’s great aunt, Uku Nyalo, is Turnip Head’s best friend.

As one of Uku Nyalo’s hens disappears, Payah senses trouble brewing. While everyone seems to develop a laissez-faire attitude towards the disappearance of Uku Nyalo’s best chicken layer, Uku Nyalo herself sets out to investigate, leaving no stone unturned.

Meanwhile Payah has learnt that Four Eyes and Turnip Head are behind the disappearance of Uku Nyalo’s chicken layer. Out of fear that Four Eyes would be banished from her longhouse she tries to hinder her great aunt’s investigation.

However even Payah cannot out-fox Uku Nyalo, whose unerring instinct leads her to Turnip Head as the main culprit. She demands compensation from Turnip Head’s great-grandmother who is famous up and down Belaga for her legendary White Leghorns that are capable of laying up to 300 eggs a year.

But Turnip Head’s great-grandmother is as wily as they come. She sees her chance in getting rid of her fattest (and laziest) Leghorn. However she does not come unscathed out of this confrontation, nor do Four Eyes or Turnip Head.

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