Mare Serenitatis

Mare Serenitatis ("Sea of Serenity") is a lunar mare located to the east of Mare Imbrium on the Moon.

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Mare Serenitatis - In Popular Culture
... Mare Serenitatis forms one of the eyes for the Man in the Moon ... In Sailor Moon, Mare Serenitatis was the former location of the Moon Kingdom ... Mare Serenitatis is also mentioned in Arthur C ...
ALSE - Mission and Science
... revealed structures beneath the surface in Mare Crisium, Mare Serenitatis, Oceanus Procellarum, and many other areas ... In the mare areas, layers were observed in several different parts of the basins and are therefore believed to be widespread features ... within the basalt that fills both of these mare basins ...

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    A face peered. All the grey night
    In chaos of vacancy shone;
    Naught but vast sorrow was there—
    The sweet cheat gone.
    —Walter De La Mare (1873–1956)