Mare Crisium

Mare Crisium (the "Sea of Crises") is a lunar mare located in the Moon's Crisium basin, just northeast of Mare Tranquillitatis. The basin is of the Pre-Imbrian period, 4.55 to 3.85 billion years ago.

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ALSE - Mission and Science
... revealed structures beneath the surface in Mare Crisium, Mare Serenitatis, Oceanus Procellarum, and many other areas ... In the mare areas, layers were observed in several different parts of the basins and are therefore believed to be widespread features ... waves, the structures are believed to be layering within the basalt that fills both of these mare basins ...
Mare Crisium - In Popular Culture
... Heinlein's novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Mare Crisium is the site of a lunar colony named Luna City ... Odyssey with Stanley Kubrick, takes place on the Mare Crisium ...

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