Marc Bloch

Marc Bloch

Marc Léopold Benjamin Bloch (; 6 July 1886 – 16 June 1944) was a French historian who cofounded the highly influential Annales School of French social history. Bloch was a quintessential modernist. An assimilated Alsatian Jew from an academic family in Paris, he was deeply affected in his youth by the Dreyfus Affair. He studied at the elite École Normale Supérieure; in 1908-9 he studied at Berlin and Leipzig. He fought in the trenches of the Western Front for four years. In 1919 he became Lecturer in Medieval history at Strasbourg University, after the German professors were all expelled; he was called to the Sorbonne in Paris in 1936 as professor of economic history. He is best known for his pioneering studies French Rural History and Feudal Society and his posthumously-published unfinished meditation on the writing of history, The Historian's Craft. He was captured and shot by the Gestapo during the German occupation of France for his work in the French Resistance.

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... Bloch, Marc ... Historique (1988) originally conceived in 1906 but not published until 1988 revised in 1996 Bloch, Marc ... Touch Monarchy and Miracles in France and England (1990), his doctoral dissertation Bloch, Marc ...
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... The Université Marc Bloch, also known as Strasbourg II or UMB was a university in Strasbourg, Alsace, France ... in 1998 in honour of the French historian Marc Bloch ... On 1 January 2009, Marc Bloch University became part of the refounded University of Strasbourg and lost its status as an independent university ...
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... While there, Febvre became acquainted with Marc Bloch, who shared Febvre's philosophical and political approach, which brought the two men together ... along with his colleague and close friend Marc Bloch, established a scholarly journal, Annales d’Histoire Economique et Sociale (commonly known as the Annales), from ... The war also resulted in the death of Marc Bloch, and so Febvre became the man who carried the Annales into the post-war period, most notably by ...

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