Mar Elias

Mar Elias (Aramaic 'Saint Elias' or 'Lord Elias') may refer to:

  • Elijah (alternate spelling of Elias), a prophet of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament and the Qur'an
  • Patriarch Elias of Antioch, Syrian Orthodox Patriarch Elias I, 709–723 CE, known as Mar Elias
  • Mar Elias (Refugee camp), a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, near Beirut
  • Mar Elias and Mar Elias el Tiffeh, archaeological sites in the Sands of Beirut
  • Mar Elias Educational Institutions, a set of Educational Institutes in Ibillin, Israel
  • Mar Elias Monastery, a Greek Orthodox Monastery between Jerusalem and Bethlehem
  • Tell Mar Elias, an archaeological site near Ajlun, Jordan
  • Dair Mar Elia, Saint Elias Monastery in Iraq

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