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Star Fox 2 - Gameplay
... player moves a team of two ships freely around a map screen that represents the Lylat system ... (destroying all fighters in the vicinity, for example), the game went back into the main map screen, where the player could select a new destination for his craft ... was to destroy all enemy forces present in the map while defending planet Corneria (located in the lower left corner of the map), preventing its damage level from reaching 100% due to enemy attacks ...
Jagged Alliance - Gameplay - Map Screen
... When the player starts a new day he is transferred to a screen displaying Metavira on a square grid ... The map includes information such as the number of Fallow trees in each sector, whether the sector is enemy or player controlled, how many guards and ...
Dkc - Gameplay
... a life if they get hit by any enemy or fall off the screen ... switch between characters if they are both on the screen ... Donkey Kong Country uses a series of map screens to track the players' progress ...

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