Mandai Hill Camp

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Singapore Army - Organisation - Divisional and Non-Divisional Assets - Combined-Arms Divisions
... It comprises HQ 3rd Singapore Division (Jurong Camp I) 3rd Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) Battalion (3 ISTAR Bn) (Jurong Camp I) 3rd Singapore ... It comprises HQ 6th Singapore Division (Mandai Hill Camp) 2nd Singapore Infantry Brigade (Mandai Hill Camp) 1 SIR, 3 SIR, 4 SIR, 1 NS SIR 9th Singapore Infantry Brigade 76th Singapore Infantry Brigade 54th Singapore ... Organization HQ 9th Singapore Division (Selarang Camp) 10th Singapore Infantry Brigade (Pasir Ris Camp) 3 SIR (Specializes in Urban Ops), 2 NS SIR 12th Singapore ...

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