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Malaysia–Vietnam Border - The Border and Disputes - Gulf of Thailand
... Both Malaysia and Vietnam have overlapping claims over the seabed in the Gulf of Thailand ... The continental shelf claim limit of the two countries do not coincide because of the different maritime baselines each country uses to calculate the ... The Vietnamese continental shelf limit was proclaimed in 1971 by the then South Vietnamese government and was the equidistant line between the Malaysian and Vietnamese mainlands without taking into ...
Indonesia–Vietnam Border - The Border
... of Vietnam concerning the delimitation of the Continental Shelf Boundary was signed on 26 June 2003 in Hanoi, Vietnam, by Indonesia's Foreign Minister Hasan Wirajuda and his ... The agreement defined the continental shelf boundary of the two countries as the imaginary straight line located between the two terminal points - namely Point 20 and Point 25 - of the 1969 continental shelf ... Longtitude (E) Latitude (N) Remarks Continental shelf boundary end and turning point coordinates 20 105° 49' 12" 6° 5' 48" This is the northern terminus of the Indonesia-Malaysia ...
Continental - Automobile Models
... Lincoln Continental De Vaux Continental Triumph Continental by the Triumph Motor Company Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental, a version of the Rolls-Royce Phantom II Bentley Continental (di ...
USS Champion (1777)
... The Continental Navy xebec, Champion, commanded by Captain James Josiah, served in the Delaware River in a force composed of ships of the Continental and Pennsylvania State Navy during the American ... The Pennsylvania State galleys succeeded but the Continental fleet, including Champion was burned by its own officers on 21 November 1777, when tide and ...
Delaware In The American Revolution
... The Delaware Line was a formation within the Continental Army ... to Delaware at various times by the Continental Congress ... together with similar contingents from the other twelve states, formed the Continental Line ...

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