Malaysia–Sweden Relations - Economic Ties

Economic Ties

Between January and July 2012, bilateral trade stood at 2 billion MYR, increased from the trade at 1.9 billion MYR between January and June 2011 In September 2012, Malaysian Ambassador to Sweden, Datuk Badruddin Ab Rahman said about 120 Swedish companies operate in Malaysia, with an investment of more than 10 million MYR, however there are no Malaysian companies operating in Sweden. The Malaysian embassy in Sweden makes programmes to attract Swedish businesses to Malaysia such as a briefing on investment opportunities in Malaysia.

In 2006, Swedish exports to Malaysia totaled approximately 1.6 billion MYR and the imports from Malaysia approximately 0.7 billion MYR. Swedish exports to Malaysia consist of telecommunication equipment, motor vehicles, chemical products, power generating machinery and equipment, machines, paper, as well as iron ore and steel. Swedish imports from Malaysia electronics and electrical components, machinery and apparatus, textiles, palm oil and raw rubber.

Volvo operates a wholly owned subsidiary in Malaysia that manufactures trucks.

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