Malakand South

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Siege Of Malakand - Relieving Chakdara
... given to Major-General Sir Bindon Blood with orders to hold "the Malakand, and the adjacent posts, and of operating against the neighbouring tribes as may be required." Blood arrived at ... supplies that had itself been holding out with 200 men since the first attacks in Malakand began, and had recently sent the signal "Help us" to the British forces ... Blood reached Malakand at noon on the same day ...
Siege Of Malakand - Malakand North and Malakand South - July 29–July 31
... at the mouth of the pass leading to Malakand South, but after losing between 19 and 21 of their ranks through heat exhaustion, they were forced to halt ... of the 38th Dogras and 35th Sikhs entered Malakand South under the command of Colonel Reid, bringing with them 243 mules carrying 291,600 rounds of ammunition ... nearby British outpost of Chakdara, attacks by the Pashtuns on Malakand South began to reduce until they ceased altogether ...

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