Makwal Kalan

Makwal Kalan is a town and union council of Dera Ghazi Khan District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The town is part of Taunsa Tehsil. It is located at 30°35'00N 70°44'00E and has an altitude of 135 metres (443 ft).

Makwal Kalan is 69 Kilo meter from Dera Ghazi Khan and located 4 kilometre away from the geological centre of Pakistan. Koh e Suleman series of mountain is 30 minutes drive from Makwal. Taunsa Barrage is also at 30-45 minutes drive. Its fertile agricultural lands produce tons of different crops because people of the town have a large number of acres of fertile lands. The most important and major tribe in the town is Nutkani ( a branch of Baloch tribe). people of the town are very peaceful and living with mutually beneficial relationship. Town is full of talented people who are getting enrolled in the fields of armed forces, medical and engineering.

The town of Makwal Kalan is heavily urbanizing as any of other Pakistani district town,the education,health care,women health care particularly during pregnancy have been improvised, many people of this town working across the world particularly middle east.

People of town getting Politically aware and nowadays youth of the town is active in working for change and to work voluntarily for Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf.

During 2010 flood the people from this town hosted a lot of flood downed victims and showed their harmony towards afected.