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Breaking The Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed - Australian Version
... Revealed Show One June 14, 2010 Death Saw Levitating a Girl on a Floating Table Making a String Quartet Disappear Making a Girl Appear from a Set of Clothing Passing Through a Steel Wall Show Two June 21, 2010 ... Making a Woman Disappear From a Cabinet and Reappear Somewhere Else Passing Through a Steel Plate The Twister Impaling a Woman With a Sword Surviving Being Cut Up in a Wood Chipper Show Five July 25, 2010 ...

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    Lisa Fremont: Surprise is the most important element of attack. And besides, you’re not up on your private eye literature. When they’re in trouble it’s always their girl Friday who gets them out of it.
    L.B. Jeffries: Well, is she the girl who saves him from the clutches of the seductive show girls and the over passionate daughters of the rich?
    Lisa Fremont: The same.
    L.B. Jeffries: That’s the one, huh? But he never ends up marrying her, does he? That’s strange.
    John Michael Hayes (b. 1919)

    Radio put technology into storytelling and made it sick. TV killed it. Then you were locked into somebody else’s sighting of that story. You no longer had the benefit of making that picture for yourself, using your imagination. Storytelling brings back that humanness that we have lost with TV. You talk to children and they don’t hear you. They are television addicts. Mamas bring them home from the hospital and drag them up in front of the set and the great stare-out begins.
    Jackie Torrence (b. 1944)