Majeed Amjad

Majeed Amjad (Urdu: مجید امجد‎) (June 29, 1914 – May 11, 1974) was an acclaimed Urdu poet of the Indian subcontinent.

In popular culture Amjad is not as known as Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Noon Meem Rashid, Nasir Kazmi or Meeraji but amongst many critics he is regarded as a "philosophical poet of depth and sensitivity". His poetic mind was not widely recognized in his lifetime as he lived a life of bureaucratic obscurity in a small West Punjabi town. Also, he was not in the forefront of any political literary movements (such as the leftist "Progressive Writers Movement") that actively promoted poets from within their own ranks. Amjad's poetry has also been sung by various Pakistani singers.

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