Maintenance Cost

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Manila Metro Rail Transit System - Transfer of Operations From MRTC To LRTA
... This is due to maintenance cost issues for Line 1's maintenance cost is approximately Php 35 Million only, Line 2 is Php 25 Million only, while Line 3 has a staggering Php 100 Million maintenance cost ...
Solar Thermal Energy - Levelised Cost
... Since a solar power plant does not use any fuel, the cost consists primarily of capital cost with minor operational and maintenance cost ... of the plant and the interest rate is known, the cost per kWh can be calculated ... This is called the levelised energy cost ...
Navigability - Advantages of Inland Water Transport Systems
... Cheaper capital cost - Nature has already done the initial engineering work for the transportation infrastructure ... Thanks to this gift of nature, the cost of developing an inland waterway is 5-10% of the cost developing an equivalent railway or a four-lane expressway ... January 2010 Cheaper maintenance cost - The maintenance cost of an inland waterway is only 20% of the maintenance cost of an equivalent roadway ...

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    I favor the policy of economy, not because I wish to save money, but because I wish to save people. The men and women of this country who toil are the ones who bear the cost of the Government. Every dollar that we carelessly waste means that their life will be so much the more meager. Every dollar that we prudently save means that their life will be so much the more abundant. Economy is idealism in its most practical terms.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    War is in truth a disease in which the juices that serve health and maintenance are used for the sole purpose of nourishing something foreign, something at odds with nature.
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)