Mahigut Yehudit

Manhigut Yehudit, or Jewish Leadership, is a faction of the right-wing Likud Part in Israel. It was co-founded in 1995 by Moshe Feiglin and Shmuel Sackett as a form of leadership for the State of Israel based on Jewish faith. They produced a weekly newsletter, Lechatchilah, in 1996. In 2000, two founders of the Likud approached Moshe Feiglin to run for leadership of the Likud. In 2003, he ran in the primaries for the first time against Binyamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon. He got only 3.5% of the votes, but delineated the goal of Manhigut Yehudit, leadership of the country. In the 2007 Likud leadership primaries, Feiglin received 24% of the votes and established himself as a major player in the Likud and in Israeli politics. The Likud is soon having an election to determine the election list for the upcoming general Israeli election. It is believed that Feiglin will be one of the top members on the list and that he will bring a few members of his faction onto the list as well.