Magnetic Field Produced

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Magnetic Moment - Magnetic Dipoles - External Magnetic Field Produced By A Magnetic Dipole Moment
... Any system possessing a net magnetic dipole moment m will produce a dipolar magnetic field (described below) in the space surrounding the system ... While the net magnetic field produced by the system can also have higher-order multipole components, those will drop off with distance more rapidly, so that only the dipolar component will ... The vector potential of magnetic field produced by magnetic moment m is and magnetic flux density is Alternatively one can obtain the scalar potential first from the magnetic pole ...
Isolated-phase Bus
... The magnetic field produced by this current nearly exactly cancels the magnetic field produced by the phase current, so there is almost no external magnetic field ... This also limits the amount of force produced between conductors during a short circuit ... is manufactured for direct-current circuits this may be used in the field circuit of a generator ...

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