Magnetic Deviation

Magnetic deviation is the error induced in a compass by local magnetic fields, which must be allowed for, along with magnetic declination, if accurate bearings are to be calculated.

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History Of Longitude - Proposed Methods of Determining Time - Halley's Proposals — Lunar Occultations and Appulses, Magnetic Deviation
... Halley also hoped that careful observations of magnetic deviations could provide a determination of longitude ... The magnetic field of the Earth was not well understood at the time ... Mariners had observed that magnetic north deviated from geographic north in many locations ...
Magnetic Deviation - History
... Many other objects were found to be sources of deviation in ships, including iron particles in brass compass bowls iron nails in a wooden compass box or binnacle and metal parts of clothing ... The source of deviation could not always be identified ... This involved measuring the magnetic deviation as the ship was oriented in several compass directions ...

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