Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Season 2009 - Grand Prixs – Chicago, Hanover, Singapore, Kobe, Barcelona, Seattle

Grand Prixs – Chicago, Hanover, Singapore, Kobe, Barcelona, Seattle

GP Chicago (7–8 March)
  1. Gabriel Nassif
  2. Andrew Probasco
  3. Paul Rietzl
  4. James Mink
  5. Brian Kowal
  6. Tommy Kolowith
  7. David Caplan
  8. Brian Six
GP Kobe (18–19 April)
  1. Tomoharu Saitou
  2. Yuuya Watanabe
  3. Tzu Ching Kuo
  4. Kentarou Yamamoto
  5. Katsuya Ueda
  6. Keiichi Kondou
  7. Kenji Hamamoto
  8. Ryouma Shiozu
GP Hanover (13–14 March)
  • Attendance: 925
  • Format: Extended
  1. Lino Burgold
  2. Gaudenis Vidugiris
  3. Lukas Kraft
  4. Karim Bauer
  5. Kenny Öberg
  6. Pascal Vieren
  7. Helmut Summersberger
  8. Ondra Posolda
GP Barcelona (23–24 May)
  • Attendance: 1495
  • Format: Standard
  1. Joel Calafell
  2. Riccardo Neri
  3. Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
  4. Samuel Black
  5. Hugo De Jong
  6. Sean Og Murphy
  7. Ricardo Venancio
  8. George Paraskuopoulos
GP Singapore (21–22 March)
  • Attendance: 370
  • Format: Extended
  1. Tomoharu Saitou
  2. Masaya Kitayama
  3. Chin Heng Tan
  4. Yuuta Takahashi
  5. Yong Han Choo
  6. Liang Chen
  7. Samuel Black
  8. Tzu Ching Kuo
GP Seattle (30–31 May)
  • Attendance: 1127
  • Format: Standard
  1. Yann Massicard
  2. Benjamin Lundquist
  3. Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
  4. Charles Gendron Dupont
  5. Luis Scott-Vargas
  6. Nicolay Potovin
  7. Michael Jacob
  8. Ari Lax

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