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Jumping spiders have eight eyes, the two large ones in the center-and-front position (the anterior-median eyes, also referred to as "principal eyes":51) providing acute vision and housed in tubes in the head. The other six are secondary eyes, positioned along the sides of the carapace and acting mainly as movement detectors.:16 While other spiders can jump, salticids including M. inclemens are the only spiders with good vision,:521 and their main eyes are more acute in daylight than a cat's and 10 times more acute than a dragonfly's. The main eyes focus accurately on an object at distances from approximately 2 centimetres (0.79 in) to infinity,:51 and in practise can see up to about 75 centimetres (30 in).:53 In M. inclemens, the front row of secondary eyes is only slightly wider than the third, whose width is 75% of the width of the carapace at that point.:2

Like other arthropods, spiders have sensors, often modified setae (bristles), for smell, taste, touch and vibration, protruding through their cuticle ("skin").:532-533 Unlike insects, spiders and other chelicerates do not have antennae.

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