Madresfield Court - An Inspiration For Brideshead and Royal Safehouse?

An Inspiration For Brideshead and Royal Safehouse?

Madresfield was the home of the 7th Earl Beauchamp. Evelyn Waugh was a frequent guest to the house and is said by Chips Channon in his diary to have based the Flyte family in Brideshead Revisited on the Lygons.
In January 2006, documents revealed by the National Archives showed that emergency plans were made to evacuate Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret of the British Royal Family to Madresfield in the event of a successful German invasion following the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.
Five years later, Worcestershire County Council’s Historic, Environment and Archaeology Service showed that the 1940 plan was simply part of pre-existing 1938 invasion contingency plans. In the event of an invasion breaking out of a likely lodgement in Kent and threatening London, the whole UK government would move to Worcestershire with the Royal family residing at Madresfield.

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