Madresfield - Etymology / Name Origin

Etymology / Name Origin

The name Madresfield derives from 'Mather's Field'. Madresfield is not mentioned in the Domesday Book, this could be due to the fact that it was linked with Powick and paid no taxes in its own behalf.

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    For, though the origin of most of our words is forgotten, each word was at first a stroke of genius, and obtained currency, because for the moment it symbolized the world to the first speaker and to the hearer. The etymologist finds the deadest word to have been once a brilliant picture.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The universal principle of etymology in all languages: words are carried over from bodies and from the properties of bodies to express the things of the mind and spirit. The order of ideas must follow the order of things.
    Giambattista Vico (1688–1744)