Madison Mad Dogs - Madison Mad Dogs 2000 IFL Schedule

Madison Mad Dogs 2000 IFL Schedule

  • Week 1 Madison at Peoria Pirates 20-46
  • Week 2 bye
  • Week 3 Madison at Green Bay Bombers 27-53
  • Week 4 Minnesota Purple Rage at Madison 48-32
  • Week 5 LaCrosse RiverRats at Madison 27-56
  • Week 6 Madison at Billings Thunderbolts 33-60
  • Week 7 Steel Valley Smash at Madison 24-49
  • Week 8 Madison at LaCrosse RiverRats 37-25
  • Week 9 Peoria Pirates at Madison 62-59
  • Week 10 Duluth-Superior Lumberjacks at Madison 25-57
  • Week 11 Madison at Duluth-Superior Lumberjacks 66-21
  • Week 12 Johnstown Jackals at Madison 45-54
  • Week 13 Green Bay Bombers at Madison 44-31
  • Week 14 Fargo Freeze at Madison 26-37
  • Week 15 Madison at Minnesota Purple Rage 61-45


  • Week 1 - Erie Invaders at Madison 22-34
  • Week 2 - Madison at Peoria Pirates 13-25
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