Madelung Rule

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Electron Configuration - Aufbau Principle and Madelung Rule - Other Exceptions To Madelung's Rule
... There are several more exceptions to Madelung's rule among the heavier elements, and it is more and more difficult to resort to simple explanations ... Electron shells filled in violation of Madelung's rule (red) Period 4 Period 5 Period 6 Period 7 Element Z Electron Configuration Element Z Electron Configuration ...
Aufbau Principle - The Madelung Energy Ordering Rule
... in which these orbitals are filled is given by the n + l rule (also known as the Madelung rule (after Erwin Madelung), or the Klechkowski rule (after Vsevolod ... The rule is based on the total number of nodes in the atomic orbital, n + l, which is related to the energy ... The Madelung energy ordering rule applies only to neutral atoms in their ground state, and even in that case, there are several elements for which it predicts configurations ...

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