Made in America (The Sopranos) - Plot


In the aftermath of the mob war that left top members of his crew dead or injured, Tony wakes up in the safehouse where he and his closest associates have taken up residence. Tony meets with FBI Agent Dwight Harris (Matt Servitto) to exchange information. However, Harris refuses to provide Tony with Phil Leotardo's (Frank Vincent) location. Tony visits his family at a separate safehouse where they are now living. The FBI closely monitors Bobby Baccalieri's funeral, which Tony and his crew attend. Phil talks to Butch DeConcini (Gregory Antonacci) and expresses anger over Butch's failure to kill Tony.

Agent Harris calls Tony and reveals that Phil has been using pay phones in Oyster Bay, Long Island. This information is intimated to have been from a female agent that Agent Harris had just slept with. A sit-down between the warring crime families is arranged. Tony and Paulie Gualtieri (Tony Sirico) meet with Butch, Albie Cianflone (John "Cha Cha" Ciarcia) and Little Carmine (Ray Abruzzo) of the Lupertazzi family and they negotiate a truce which includes payment to Bobby's children for his murder in the previous episode. Butch refuses to provide Tony with Phil's location but tells him, "You do what you gotta do." Tony's crew surveils gas stations with payphones in the area, but they are initially unable to locate Phil.

With the truce agreed, Tony returns to his North Caldwell home and life begins to return to normal for Tony, his family and his crew. The exception is A.J., who, after watching his SUV explode after a pile of leaves set it afire, decides to join the U.S. Army. Tony and Carmela discuss this turn of events with A.J.'s therapist and Tony also talks about his own life and childhood. Tony and Carmela distract A.J. from his military ambitions by getting him involved in producing a movie with Little Carmine's production company and supplying him with a new car. Meadow and Patrick Parisi (Daniel Sauli) plan their wedding.

Eventually, Benny Fazio (Max Casella) and Walden Belfiore (Frank John Hughes) encounter Phil at a gas station and Walden murders him with gunshots to the head and chest, while his idling SUV, left in drive, rolls over his head, crushing it. FBI Agent Ron Goddard (Michael Kelly) notifies Agent Harris of Leotardo's death, causing Harris to exclaim, "Damn! We're gonna win this thing!"

Tony visits the comatose Silvio Dante (Steven Van Zandt) in the hospital. Tony's lawyer, Neil Mink (David Margulies), informs Tony that Carlo Gervasi is testifying to a grand jury and that Tony is likely to be indicted. Tony later visits his uncle Corrado "Junior" Soprano (Dominic Chianese) at the state mental hospital. Because of his Alzheimer's disease, Junior barely recognizes Tony and becomes confused when Tony tries to remind him of his involvement in "this thing of ours". When it becomes obvious to Tony that Junior has little to no memory of their history, he abruptly leaves with a tear in his eye.

Tony then meets his family for dinner at Holsten's, a local diner, arriving first. Carmela arrives second and Tony verifies that Carlo Gervasi (Arthur Nascarella) is going to testify against him and the DiMeo Family. A.J. then arrives and the three talk for a while with AJ reminding Tony of when he said to "remember the good times" such as the family moment they are currently sharing. A man, who has been intermittently staring at Tony as he sits there, gets up from the counter and heads to and enters the restroom. As Meadow enters the restaurant, Tony looks up and the screen smash cuts to black and silence. After ten seconds, the credits roll silently, leaving his fate and his family's a mystery.

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