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Racket (programming Language) - Features - Macros and Extensibility
... extensibility features are built into the module system to allow context-sensitive and module-level control over syntax ... The module-level extensibility features are combined with a Scheme-like hygienic macro system, which provides more features than Lisp's S-expression manipulation system, Scheme 84's hygienic extend-s ... Indeed, it is fair to say that the macro system is a carefully tuned application programming interface (API) for compiler extensions ...
High Level Assembly - Distinguishing Features - Macro System
... The stdout.put macro briefly described earlier is a good example of a sophisticated macro that can simplify programmers' lives ... Consider the following invocation of the stdout.put macro stdout.put( "I=", i, " s=", s, " u=", u, " r=", r102, nl ) The stdout.put macro processes each of the arguments to determine the argument's ... Most assemblers provide some sort of macro capability the advantage that HLA offers over other assemblers is that it is capable of processing macro arguments like "r102 ...

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