Lynn's Paradise Cafe

Lynn's Paradise Cafe is a restaurant in the The Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. It has been open since 1991, originally in the Crescent Hill neighborhood, until it moved into a former grocery store in The Highlands. It has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Throwdown! with Bobby Flay on Food Network, where Lynn Winter, founder and chef, defeated Bobby Flay in a breakfast contest.

It is known for its kitschy style in both decor and food. Both the exterior and interior are painted vividly and decorated eclectically. It is well known for its breakfast (fruit-sauced tropical French toast, Bourbon-ball French toast. and scrambled eggs with kielbasa whipped in are typical Lynn's fare), but also serves lunch and dinner. Hours are 8am to 10pm.

It sponsors the "Ugly Lamp Contest" at the Kentucky State Fair annually. It started when Winter was asked to judge the "Poultry Dressing Contest" at the Kentucky State Fair; she felt that she could come up with something new. After looking at her surroundings and realizing the restaurant could use some lighting the Ugly Lamp Contest was born. It proves to be delightfully fun each year. Anyone can enter in two categories, Born Ugly or Made Ugly, it is free to enter, simply bring your lamp to Lynn's during mid-July, fill out an entry form and Lynn's takes care of the rest. Lamps can be picked up after the fair or donated to the restaurant.

Lynn's Paradise Cafe hosts many events throughout the year, and is especially busy for a New Year's Eve and New Year's Day pajama party.

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