Lynn Township

Lynn Township may refer to the following places in the United States:

  • Lynn Township, Henry County, Illinois
  • Lynn Township, Knox County, Illinois
  • Lynn Township, Posey County, Indiana
  • Lynn Township, Sioux County, Iowa
  • Lynn Township, Michigan
  • Lynn Township, McLeod County, Minnesota
  • Lynn Township, Clay County, Nebraska
  • Lynn Township, Wells County, North Dakota
  • Lynn Township, Hardin County, Ohio
  • Lynn Township, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma
  • Lynn Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
  • Lynn Township, Day County, South Dakota
  • Lynn Township, Lincoln County, South Dakota
  • Lynn Township, Moody County, South Dakota
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Lynn Township, Clay County, Nebraska
... Lynn Township is one of sixteen townships in Clay County, Nebraska, United States ... A 2006 estimate placed the township's population at 85 ...

Famous quotes containing the words township and/or lynn:

    The most interesting thing which I heard of, in this township of Hull, was an unfailing spring, whose locality was pointed out to me on the side of a distant hill, as I was panting along the shore, though I did not visit it. Perhaps, if I should go through Rome, it would be some spring on the Capitoline Hill I should remember the longest.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    In the quilts I had found good objects—hospitable, warm, with soft edges yet resistant, with boundaries yet suggesting a continuous safe expanse, a field that could be bundled, a bundle that could be unfurled, portable equipment, light, washable, long-lasting, colorful, versatile, functional and ornamental, private and universal, mine and thine.
    Radka Donnell-Vogt, U.S. quiltmaker. As quoted in Lives and Works, by Lynn F. Miller and Sally S. Swenson (1981)