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The 1872 Central Square station burned in 1889 and was replaced with a temporary station until a new depot with a 75-foot clock tower was built in 1895 on the north side of the tracks off Union Street. The depot was modified "not for the better" in 1913-1914 when the tracks through Lynn were raised onto an three-track elevated grade. The new station featured an island platform and a side platform to serve the three tracks, replacing the old two-track line and its two side platforms.

Streetcars service to Lynn continued under the Lynn & Boston until 1901 when it became part of the Boston & Northern Street Railway. By the early 20th century, a number of lines crisscrossed Lynn, with a number of them serving the station. The Bay State Street Railway took over operations in 1911 and joined the Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway in 1919. Trolley service in Lynn lasted until 1938.

The Boston and Maine Railroad built a new, more modern station in 1952 but reused the 1914-built platforms. This single-story building, located on the south side of the tracks at Mt. Vernon and Exchange streets, was in the same flat-roofed brick style as Winchester Center and Wedgemere built five years later. The building was the first on the Boston & Maine system to have radiant heat, and also included a restaurant and newstand. Saugus Branch service ended in May 1958, leaving through service on the Eastern Route as the only trains serving Lynn. Around this time, the third track through the station was removed due to reduced traffic, leaving the station with effectively two side platforms serving two tracks.

By the late 1980s, the nearly-40-year-old station and the older platforms were crumbling. Since the Newburyport/Rockport line was no longer a freight clearance route past the General Electric plant in West Lynn, a full-length high-level platform was selected. The wide platform occupies the width of the old island platform plus the center track slot, with the line's two tracks on each side. The 800-foot-long platform is located west of the older low platforms, which are still extant on the viaduct. A large parking garage and busway was built off Market Street; entrances to the platform are available from the garage and from Central Square.

An elevator is available to access the elevated platform from the ground level of the parking garage. This is one of a small number of elevators on the MBTA Commuter Rail system, and along with the pair at Framingham is one of the only on the system maintained by the MBTA rather than Amtrak, Massport, or local Regional Transportation Agencies. In 2011, 20 security cameras were added to the station as a reaction to several assaults in the garage.

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