Luxemburgism (also written Luxembourgism) is a specific revolutionary theory within Marxism, based on the writings of Rosa Luxemburg. According to M. K. Dziewanowski, the term was originally coined by Bolshevik leaders denouncing the deviations of Luxemburg's followers from traditional Leninism, but it has since been adopted by her followers themselves.

Luxemburgism is a Marxist tendency which, while supporting the Russian Revolution, as Rosa Luxemburg did, agrees with her criticisms of the politics of the Bolsheviks.

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Present-day Luxemburgism
... There is also widespread interest in her ideas particularly among feminists and Trotskyists as well as among leftists in Germany ... It has been seen as a corrective to revolutionary theory by distinguished modern Marxist thinkers such as Ernest Mandel, who has even been characterised as "Luxemburgist" ...