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Lucy Stone - Claiming Her Name
... Stone did not immediately insist on keeping her maiden name ... In the wedding card and subsequent announcements, Stone represented herself as "Lucy Stone Blackwell" ... Blackwell wrote to his new wife in the summer of 1855, saying "Lucy Stone Blackwell is more independent in her pecuniary position than was Lucy Stone." In August 1855, she was ...

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    Women are in bondage; their clothes are a great hindrance to their engaging in any business which will make them pecuniarily independent, and since the soul of womanhood never can be queenly and noble so long as it must beg bread for its body, is it not better, even at the expense of a vast deal of annoyance, that they whose lives deserve respect and are greater than their garments should give an example by which woman may more easily work out her own emancipation?
    Lucy Stone (1818–1893)

    Cynicism makes things worse than they are in that it makes permanent the current condition, leaving us with no hope of transcending it. Idealism refuses to confront reality as it is but overlays it with sentimentality. What cynicism and idealism share in common is an acceptance of reality as it is but with a bad conscience.
    Richard Stivers, U.S. sociologist, educator. The Culture of Cynicism: American Morality in Decline, ch. 1, Blackwell (1994)

    What fond and wayward thoughts will slide
    Into a Lover’s head!
    ‘O mercy!’ to myself I cried,
    ‘If Lucy should be dead!’
    William Wordsworth (1770–1850)

    All over this land women have no political existence. Laws pass over our heads that we can not unmake. Our property is taken from us without our consent. The babes we bear in anguish and carry in our arms are not ours.
    —Lucy Stone (1818–1893)