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Madonna has performed "Lucky Star" during three of her concert tours, namely "The Virgin Tour" (1985), the "Who's That Girl World Tour" (1987), and the "Confessions Tour" (2006). In The Virgin Tour, Madonna performed the song wearing a blue see-through crop top revealing her trademark black bra, a purple skirt, lacy leggings and a brightly patterned jacket. She also wore her crucifixes on her jacket and around her neck. Madonna sang the original version of the song, and pranced around the stage while showing her stomach. The performance was included in the Live – The Virgin Tour VHS, released in 1985. At the Who's That Girl World Tour, "Lucky Star" was performed as the second song of the set list. Madonna wore a black bustier like the music video to her single "Open Your Heart" (1987). Her hair was platinum blond and in a big bushy shape. The performance of "Lucky Star" included a disco ball spinning above the stage, as Madonna and her dancers moved around it as the light from the ball flickered on them like a star. Two different performances are found in Ciao, Italia! – Live from Italy tour video filmed at Stadio Communale in Turin, Italy on September 4, 1987 and the Who's That Girl – Live in Japan tour video filmed at Korakuen Stadium in Tokyo, Japan on June 22, 1987.

In the Confessions Tour, "Lucky Star" was performed as a part of the encore. Madonna was dressed in a purple and white leotard, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier. As the performance of "La Isla Bonita" ends, Madonna lies face-down on the stage. Her dancers wrap a cape around her that proclaim the word "Dancing Queen" at the back. As the familiar music of the intro to "Lucky Star" is heard, Madonna gets up and faces the audience. Suddenly the lights go off and Madonna opens the cape to reveal thousands of small shapes made by tiny lights, on the inside of the cape. Her backup singers join her and together they move around the stage, while singing the song. Madonna sometimes moves the cape around her and occasionally flaps it. Towards the end of the song, Madonna asked the audience if they want to hear more of her singing. After their affirmative response, Madonna sings the first line of the chorus of "Hung Up". The backdrops start changing and display stars and planets flashing across the screens amidst white lasers. The music in the song is modernized using a techno beat that slowly morphed into the synth ABBA intro of "Hung Up" (2005) when the screens also change to display disco balls. The performance was included on both the CD and the DVD version of The Confessions Tour, released in 2007. Ed Gonzalez of Slant Magazine compared Madonna's performance of "Lucky Star" as "emerging as a soul butterfly fluttering to the disco heavens during a remix of that actually makes sound good." Thomas Inskeep from Stylus called the performance fresh. Christian John Wikane from was not impressed with the performance; he felt that singing the song over the newly arranged chord progression, is cold and pairing the original arrangement with the ABBA sample is " match not made in heaven, though Madonna’s skin-tight, ABBA-esque jump suit is an amusing intertextualization."

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