Luciferianism is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer. The tradition usually reveres Lucifer, not as the Devil, but as a rescuer or guiding spirit or even the true god as opposed to Jehovah.

Luciferianism is identified by some people as an auxiliary of Satanism, due to the popular identification of Lucifer with Satan. Some Luciferians accept this identification or consider Lucifer the light bearer aspect of Satan. Others reject it, arguing that Lucifer is a more positive ideal than Satan.

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Theistic Satanism - Luciferianism
... Luciferianism can be understood best as a belief system or intellectual creed that venerates the essential and inherent characteristics that are affixed and ... Luciferianism is often identified as an auxiliary creed or movement of Satanism, due to the common identification of Lucifer with Satan ...
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... On the other hand, Richard Cavendish has argued "The confessions Conrad of Marburg extracted were apparently made without torture, but under the threat of death if the victim did not confess ... If these confessions were accurate, the Luciferans were full-blown Satanists ...