Lucifer (band) - After The Break-up of The Band

After The Break-up of The Band

  • Makoto has gone on a solo career (first using his given name, then used his full name). Towa and Santa also played on his first mini-album "Vibration".
  • Towa is in two bands called Olive Sunday and Birth of Life and has done some solo work as well.
  • Santa is with Towa in Olive Sunday. He is also a working actively as a session drummer and has played on a few Angelique soundtracks and on Anna Tsuchiya's first mini-album "Taste My Beat", to mention a couple of his projects.
  • Yuki formed Dustar-3 with two ex-members of Sex Machineguns, Noisy and Himawari. He is also collaborating with Janne Da Arc's yasu on his solo project, Acid Black Cherry. In 2010, he joined Rayflower, a rock band started by Sphia's keyboardist Keichii Miyako.
  • Atsuro has been playing session guitar for j-pop artists like meg rock, Marika and Chieko Kawabe. He briefly joined a rock band Tokyo Anastasia.

They were reunited in November 2009 and signed with new label T.N.B. Entertainment.

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