Lucca - Notable Natives and Residents

Notable Natives and Residents

  • St. Anselm of Lucca, (1036–1086), bishop of Lucca
  • Giovanni Arnolfini, merchant and arts patron
  • Pompeo Batoni, painter
  • Simone Bianchi, comics artist
  • Luigi Boccherini, musician and composer
  • Elisa Bonaparte, ruler of Lucca
  • Castruccio Castracani, ruler of Lucca (1316–1328)
  • Alfredo Catalani, composer
  • Gusmano Cesaretti, photographer and artist
  • Mario Cipollini, cyclist
  • Matteo Civitali, sculptor
  • Ivan Della Mea, singer-songwriter
  • Tejay van Garderen, cyclist
  • Theodor Döhler, composer and pianist; lived in Lucca from 1827–1829
  • Amerigo Fabbri, Pierson College Dean, Yale University
  • Saint Frediano
  • St. Gemma Galgani, mystic and saint
  • Francesco Geminiani, musician and composer
  • Agostino Giuntoli, nightclub owner and entrepreneur
  • Gioseffo Guami, composer
  • Pope Lucius III
  • Vincenzo Lunardi, pioneer aeronaut
  • Felice Matteucci, engineer
  • Leo Nomellini, athlete
  • Marcello Pera, politician and philosopher
  • Giacomo Puccini, composer
  • Marco Rossi, athlete
  • Renato Salvatori, actor
  • Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre, founded the Torani syrup company in San Francisco using Luccan recipes from their hometown
  • Rolando Ugolini, athlete
  • Giuseppe Ungaretti, poet
  • Antonio Vallisneri, scientist and physician
  • Saint Zita
  • Zita of Bourbon-Parma, last Empress of Austria

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