LTR Passport - Purpose


Radio signals have a limitations due to distance and terrain. If two radios are far apart, or there is a mountain in the way, they will not be able to communicate. To alleviate this, radio repeaters are installed on mountaintops to repeat the signal from one radio to another, or group of others. This is a standard repeater site. The signal is received by the repeater from the originating radio and re-broadcast so the receiving radio(s) can receive the radio signal. A repeater site gives approximately a 50 mile radius of coverage. Trunked radio is a method of using a bank of channels (frequencies) to repeat for multiple "Talk Groups" or fleet of radios. Many Talk Groups can share the channels, without hearing each others conversation. A PassPort system combines both of these technologies as a network of linked repeaters over a wide area that repeat the signal from several mountaintops simultaneously.

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