LTR Passport - Operation


A Talk Group, or fleet of radios, has a "Home Site". The talk group information, which consists of the talk group and radio IDs of a fleet are stored in this site. When a user turns a radio on, it attempts to register on the Home Site based on the frequencies programmed in the radio. If the radio sees a signal from the home site, and the signal is of usable strength, it registers on the home site. If the radio cannot see the signal from the home site, it starts trying other programmed frequencies of other PassPort sites in the network. When the radio finds a site that has sufficient signal strength, it attempts to register as a "Roamer". The site that the radio is attempting to log on to queries the home site for permission to register the Roamer radio. If permission is granted, the radio is registered to the remote site. After that, any voice traffic from the Talk Group of the roamer is not only repeated at the Home Site, but also to the remote site which the radio is registered. When the Roamer roams to a different site, or back to its home site, the Talk Group voice traffic ceases to be repeated at the first site the roamer registered to. The radio monitors signal strength constantly and when the strength falls below a set threshold, the radio starts searching for a site with a stronger signal. If the radio finds a stronger signal, it attempts to register to that site.

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