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List Of Ships Of The Bangladesh Navy - Surface Fleet - Large Patrol Craft
... Class Picture Type Ships Displacement (Tons) Note Large Patrol Craft (LPC) (5) Meghna Class LPC BNS Meghna BNS Jamuna 410 Acquired in from Singapore ... Bishkhali Class LPC BNS Bishkhali 143 PNS Jessore, which was sunk during the 1971 war, was salvaged and extensively repaired at Khulna shipyard and ... Ford class seaward defence boat LPC BNS Padma BNS Surma 150 Transferred from India in 1973 1974 ...
LPC3180 - Development Tools
... Flash programming via UART (Free) All LPC microcontrollers have a ROM'ed bootloader that supports loading a binary image into its flash memory using one or more peripherals (varies by family) ... Since all LPC bootloaders support loading from the UART peripheral and most boards connect a UART to RS-232 or a USB-to-UART adapter IC, thus it's a universal method to program the LPC microcontrollers ... an program for Windows and Mac OS to perform in-system programming of the LPC flash via its UART ...