Lowland Scottish

Lowland Scottish

Lowland Scottish Omnibuses Ltd was a bus operator in south eastern Scotland and parts of northern England. The company was formed in 1985 and operated under the identities Lowland Scottish, Lowland and First Lowland / First SMT, until 1999 when the company's operations were combined with the operations of Midland Bluebird in a new company, First Edinburgh Ltd.

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Lowland Scottish - History
... Lowland Scottish Omnibuses Limited was created 1985 as part of the reorganisation of the state owned Scottish Bus Group in preparation for deregulation of the bus industry in 1986, and eventual ... It inherited the south eastern depots and operations of Scottish Omnibuses Limited (Eastern Scottish), in the Scottish Borders, eastern East Lothian and Berwick-up ... The new company introduced a new livery similar to the green and cream Eastern Scottish colours, but using a brighter green and a more striking yellow ...

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