In physical geography, a lowland is any broad expanse of land with a general low level. This term can also be described as a area of land that is below sea level. The term is thus applied to the landward portion of the upward slope from oceanic depths to continental highlands, to a region of depression in the interior of a mountainous region, to a plain of denudation, or to any region in contrast to a highland. The Lowlands and Highlands of Scotland are typical.

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Lowland Heath
... Lowland Heath is a Biodiversity Action Plan Habitat as it is an ancient wild landscape type ... Lowland Heath can be found in Devon, Hampshire, Dorset (mainly found here), Sussex (some), Kent (some), Surrey (some), Cornwall, Norfolk and Suffolk. 80% of Lowland Heath has been lost since 1800, but the UK still holds a fifth of the worlds stock ...
Sulham And Tidmarsh Woods And Meadows
51.4704°N 1.0828°W / 51.4704 -1.0828 15.24 Acid grassland - lowland 51°27′57″N 1°04′43″W / 51.4659°N 1.0786°W / 51.4659 -1.0786 15.48 ...
Lowland Copperhead
... The lowland copperhead or lowlands copperhead (Austrelaps superbus) is a venomous snake species in the family Elapidae ... If provoked, the lowland copperhead is a dangerous snake with neurotoxic venom, which can kill an adult human if correct first aid is not applied ...
Lowland Masked Apalis
... The Lowland Masked Apalis (Apalis binotata), also known as the Masked Apalis, is a species of bird in the Cisticolidae family ... dry forests and subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests ...

Famous quotes containing the word lowland:

    And they wrapped him up in an old cow’s hide,
    And they sunk him in the Lowland sea,
    And they sunk him in the Lowlands low.
    Unknown. The Golden Vanity (l. 43–45)

    The hill farmer ... always seems to make out somehow with his corn patch, his few vegetables, his rifle, and fishing rod. This self-contained economy creates in the hillman a comparative disinterest in the world’s affairs, along with a disdain of lowland ways. “I don’t go to question the good Lord in his wisdom,” runs the phrasing attributed to a typical mountaineer, “but I jest cain’t see why He put valleys in between the hills.”
    —Administration in the State of Arka, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    In a coign of the cliff between lowland and highland,
    At the sea-down’s edge between windward and lee,
    Walled round with rocks as an inland island,
    The ghost of a garden fronts the sea.
    —A.C. (Algernon Charles)