Coordinates: 44°48′23″N 0°23′32″W / 44.8064°N 0.3922°W / 44.8064; -0.3922

Loupes is a commune in the Gironde department in Aquitaine in southwestern France.

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Loupe Light
... Loupe lights are used in conjunction with loupes ... Because loupes magnify a small field of vision, the amount of light that is focused into through the loupe is less than what is seen by just the naked eye ... precision and work in a confined area like dentistry, a loupe light provides illumination that will dramatically increase the level of detail he/she can see ...
Loupe - Uses - Dentistry
... Many dentists use loupes to better scrutinize things in their patients' mouths in order to make a better diagnosis, for example, to determine how far a crack proceeds along the ... Loupes are also used in order to perform on a more precise level while dentists drill teeth on a millimetre scale, magnification can enlarge the dentists' view of the teeth, perhaps ... of dentistry, such oral surgery and periodontics, may benefit from the use of loupes as well ...
Loupe - Uses - Numismatists and Coin Collectors
... Loupes are an essential tool in both numismatics, the study of currency, and the related practice of coin collection ... Coin collectors frequently employ loupes for better evaluation of the quality of their coins, since identifying surface wear is vital when attempting to classify the ... Numismatists can also employ loupes to identify some counterfeit coins that would pass a naked-eye visual inspection ...