Loupe Light

Loupe Light

Loupe lights are used in conjunction with loupes. They are mainly used in the fields of medicine, dentistry and jewelry. Because loupes magnify a small field of vision, the amount of light that is focused into through the loupe is less than what is seen by just the naked eye. The dimness experienced is negligible for a nonprofessional user, but for professionals who require accuracy and precision and work in a confined area like dentistry, a loupe light provides illumination that will dramatically increase the level of detail he/she can see through loupes.

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Loupe Lights in The Field of Dentistry
... Loupe lights have become very advanced ... Now, with technological advancements, LED loupe lights have become portable and more ergonomic ... Loupe lights have shrunken in size, become less bulky, are more comfortable to wear and have achieved a level of brightness that is almost blinding ...

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