Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia - Children


  • Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia (born 9 February 1939), married firstly Waltraud Freytag (born 1940) on 22 August 1967 in Plön, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; secondly Ehrengard von Reden (born 7 June 1943) on 23 April 1976; thirdly Sibylle Kretschmer. He renounced his succession rights on 18 September 1967. His son Philip is from his first marriage, and his other children from his second.
    • Philip Kirill (born 23 April 1968); married Anna Christine Soltau (b. 2 April 1968) on 28 June 1994, and they have six children:
      • Paul Wilhelm Philipp Friedrich Alois Johannes Mose (born 10 April 1995)
      • Maria Luise Anna Philippa Helene Julie Margarethe Elisabeth (born 12 March 1997)
      • Elisabeth Christine Philine Cécilie Annegret Salome Maria (born 16 December 1998)
      • Anna Sophie Phila Wilhelmine Amelie Elisabeth Maria (born 26 March 2001)
      • Johanna Amalie Kira Philippa Rose Elisabeth Maria (born 19 September 2002)
      • Timotheus Friedrich (born 9 June 2005)
    • Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Ferdinand Kirill (born 16 August 1979);
    • Viktoria-Luise Kira Ehrengard (born 2 May 1982)
    • Joachim Albrecht Bernhard Christian Ernst (born 26 June 1984)
  • Prince Michael of Prussia (born 22 March 1940); married firstly Jutta Jörn (born 27 January 1943) on 23 Sep 1966 in Kaiserwerth, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfahlen, Germany, who bore him two children. He married secondly Brigitte von Dallwitz (born 17 September 1939) without issue. He renounced his succession rights on 29 August 1966.
    • Michaela Marie Prinzessin von Preußen (born 5 March 1967), who married Jürgen Wessolly (born 2 February 1961) on 14 February 2000, with issue:
      • Maximilian Wessoly (born February 2000)
      • Marie Charlotte Wessoly (born 15 Dec 2001)
    • Nataly Alexandra Caroline Prinzessin von Preußen (born 13 January 1970)
  • Princess Marie Cécile of Prussia (born 28 May 1942)
  • Princess Kira of Prussia (27 June 1943)
  • Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia (25 August 1944 – 11 July 1977); married, as his first wife, Countess Donata zu Castell-Rüdenhausen (born 20 June 1950 Rüdenhausen) on 23 May 1975 civilly and 24 May 1975 religiously at Rüdenhausen, who bore him two children. (She re-married 2 February 1991 her late husband's ex-brother-in-law, Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg)
    • Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia (born 10 June 1976 Bremen)
    • Princess Cornelie-Cecile of Prussia (born 30 January 1978 Bremen)
  • Prince Christian-Sigismund of Prussia (born 14 March 1946), married Countess Nina Helene Lydia Alexandra zu Reventlow (born 13 March 1954) on 29 September 1984, with issue:
    • Prince Christian Ludwig Michael Friedrich Ferdinand of Prussia (b. 16 May 1986)
    • Princess Irina Maria Nina Kira of Prussia (b. 4 Jul 1988)
  • Princess Xenia of Prussia (9 December 1949 – 18 January 1992), married Per-Edvard Lithander (10 September 1945) on 27 January 1973, divorced in 1978, and had two children:
    • Patrick Edvard Christian Lithander (born 25 June 1973)
    • Wilhelm Sebastian Lithander (born 21 November 1974)

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