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Physiology of The Olivocochlear System - Proposed Functions of The MOCS - Cochlear Protection Against Loud Sounds
... implicating the action of the MOCS in protection of the cochlea from loud sounds ... Both studies showed that the hearing loss sustained by animals due to binaural sound exposure was more severe if the OCB was severed ... and that animals with the strongest MOC reflex sustain less hearing damage to loud sounds (Maison and Liberman, 2000) ...
... Phonophobia (from Greek φωνή - phōnē, "sound" and φόβος - phobos, "fear", also called ligyrophobia or sonophobia) is a fear of loud sounds ... of silence and then suddenly goes into loud rock music would be extremely startling for most people, assuming they had no prior knowledge of the content of the CD ... Sonophobia can refer the hypersensitivity a patients to sound and can be part of a diagnosis of a migraine ...
Edgar Villchur - Hearing Aid Research and Development
... He discovered that traditional hearing aids of the day amplified loud sounds to the same extent as quiet sounds ... He quickly realized, however, that quiet sounds needed more amplification than loud sounds ... In fact, loud sounds might need no amplification at all ...

Famous quotes containing the words sounds and/or loud:

    I that so long
    Was Nothing from Eternity,
    Did little think such Joys as Ear and Tongue
    To celebrate or see:
    Such Sounds to hear, such Hands to feel, such Feet,
    Such Eyes and Objects, on the Ground to meet.
    Thomas Traherne (1636–1674)

    The loud laugh that spoke the vacant mind.
    Oliver Goldsmith (1728–1774)