Lou Zhenggang - Biography - Early Years (-to 1986)

Early Years (-to 1986)

Lou began to study calligraphy with her father, Lou De Ping, at the age of three. At twelve, she was recognized by the national government as an "exceptionally gifted child." As a certified child prodigy, she received special permission to enroll years early at the Central Academy of Fine Art, where she was taught by masters of calligraphy and ink painting. In 1980, she won first prize at the National Youth Calligraphy Exhibition in China, and one year later was elected a member of the Chinese Calligrapher’s Association. At the age of 14, she was the youngest-ever participant in the Australian-sponsored International Calligraphy Competition, and at 16 she won the Chinese National Calligraphy Competition. In the mid-1980s, she attended Beijing University. In 1985, Hong Kong TV broadcast a documentary about her life and her work. With the support of her government, she traveled to Japan in 1986 and held her first exhibition there, at the Yaesu Gallery in Tokyo.

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