Lord of The Manor - Manorial Rights or Incidents

Manorial Rights or Incidents

Before the Land Registration Act 2002 it was possible for Manors to be registered with HM Land Registry. Manorial incidents, which are the rights that a Lord of the Manor may exercise over other people's land, are due to lapse on 12 October 2013 if not registered before land they affect is conveyed after that date. This is a separate issue to the registration of lordships of manors, since both registered and unregistered lordships will continue to exist after that date. It is only their practical rights that will lose what is called 'overriding interest', or in other words the ability to affect land even if the interests or rights are not registered against that land, as of 12 October 2013. Manorial incidents can still be recorded for either registered or unregistered manors; however, proof of existence of the rights may need to be submitted to the Land Registry before they will be noted and they may not be registered at all after affected land is sold after 12 October 2013. This issue does not affect the existence of the title of Lord of the Manor.

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