Loose Smut

Loose Smut

Loose smut of barley is caused by Ustilago nuda. It is a disease that can destroy a large proportion of a barley crop. Loose smut replaces grain heads with smut, or masses of spores which infect the open flowers of healthy plants and grow into the seed, without showing any symptoms. Seeds appear healthy and only when they reach maturity the following season is it clear that they were infected. Systemic fungicides are the major control method for loose smut.

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Ustilago Nuda F.sp. Hordei - Importance
... If uncontrolled, loose smut can wipe out entire crops, since it replaces the grain ... Loose smut has recently become a more serious problem in the Ladakh region in the Himalayan mountains of India ... Barley is an important staple crop in this region and although loose smut is not the most prevalent disease of barley in the region, it has the potential to develop into a more serious problem in coming years ...
False Loose Smut
... False loose smut is a fungal disease of barley caused by Ustilago nigra ... nuda, the cause of loose smut, and was first distinguished from it in 1932 ...
Loose Smut - Management
... The most widely used method of control for loose smut is using treated seed ... The most common type of systemic fungicides used for loose smut are from the Carboxin group of chemicals ... Barley varieties with resistance to loose smut are also commercially available ...

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